Composer, saxophonist and producer Jason Turner brings electroacoustic, musique concrète, noise, glitch and algorithmic composition together with sounds from his former life as a jazz musician.
    His latest work - White, is available to download, with plans to release it as a CD in the near future.

    jason turner



    joost van oosten band jazz | funk | ska

    Listen to selected tracks from the 2010 Joost van Oosten Band album At a Bullfight here.

    The complete album is available as a CD from Underbelly.
    Originally produced as a promo, the music on this CD, released in 2008, is available to download free of charge as a podcast and at
    Some unreleased experiments that didn't turn out too badly ...
    Solo saxophone improvisation given a faux orchestral accompaniment by layering multiple passes from the excellent g'Litch floballala grainCloudDelay g'Litcher NI Reaktor instrument (a tape delay simulation with an assortment of presets spanning the mild to the insane).

    Saxophone recorded at MShip Productions:, Amsterdam

    Nothing too controversial here, another solo saxophone improvisation with some mild glitchiness towards the end.

    Saxophone recorded at MShip Productions:, Amsterdam

    An experiment in algorithmic composition using SuperCollider and recordings of four-note sequences played on piano and other instruments.

    The idea was to create layers of randomised microtonal pitch shifts and panning effects, together with timing shifts of fractions of a beat (also randomised).

    Would be interesting as a performance piece, part scored and part improvised. At the moment there are parts for saxophones, clarinets and drums - a sort of weird cock-eyed bolero. Watch this space ...

    Solo saxophone rendering of a traditional Arabic bashraf.